More industry know how

  • We provide media company internal expertise to advise on what works and setup your campaign.
  • Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs to maximise returns on marketing investment.

Guaranteed premium advertising inventory

  • We source premium advertising from leading media companies and quality brands
  • We secure a contractual commitment for our clients to guarantee value upfront
  • We obtain advertising at discounted prices with no margin or commissions

Optimised campaign execution

  • We offer flexible options and adjust media plans based on your campaign results
  • We maintain a high-level of service by using the same sales booking and fulfilment processes used for key accounts
  • We track and manage campaign performance through leading systems and analytics tools

Case Study

Scaleup Mediafund’s advertising inventory was used by a leading digital platform that matches consumers to service providers through a trusted online marketplace.

The marketplace had existing users, however overall household awareness was low.

The media inventory was used to:
– Raise product awareness among Australians households
– Build out supply side of the platform
– Drive service provider engagement on the platform

The solution involved quality, state and national, high-impact brand advertising which yielded dramatic improvements in key trading metrics including:
– 63% increase in consumers engaging with the platform
– 99% increase in the number of providers signing up to the platform
– 2x increase (from 30% to 60%) in the growth rate of signed up providers use of the platform

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