Delivering audiences to

scalable brands

Delivering audiences to

scalable brands

We provide capital for advertising

We use advertising pooled from Australia’s leading premium inventory creators to develop tailored advertising solutions for growth stage businesses. Our shareholders and inventory suppliers are News Corp, Network Ten, Nova Entertainment and Fox Sports Australia. 


To overcome the problem that many growth businesses face by not having enough capital to invest in advertising and marketing, Scaleup Mediafund exchanges advertising and services for a minority shareholding. As brands are launched and scale, campaigns generate a return for all investors.


Scaleup Mediafund is a new level of maturity in media for equity model. This development will see Australia’s largest media creators accelerating the build of the digital ecosystem, an ecosystem that creates wealth and brings ongoing benefits to every Australian consumer.

Our Focus


We are focused on businesses that have gained traction with a customer base and are solving a real problem.


These businesses will typically be moving from Startup to Scaleup and be seeking a Series A round. The business will have demonstrated clear product-market fit, consistent scale-able revenue growth and be ready to take its growth to the next level.  While there will always be additional investment in improving the product, that should not be the predominant use of funds. More important than other activity funded by the investment round is acquiring customers, building organisational capability and scaling up fast. 


We invest $0.5m to $1.0m of discounted advertising inventory that will be used to acquire customer, build a brand and develop the marketing capability of the business. 


Scaleup Mediafund is designed to act as a strategic investor with a focus on actively supporting the marketing function's day-to-day activity. We participate in finance rounds as minority investors only and do not take Board positions.


As a highly-focused strategic investor with access to a unique set of assets we enable founders and other investors to realise more value and improve valuations through de-risked higher value advertising and marketing. 


In accessing an opportunity we look for a number of key attributes including:


- A use case for premium above-the-line inventory

- The presence of sophisticated and reputable cash investors who are pricing and leading the investment round

- Sound business fundamentals and an understanding of the business unit economics at scale

- Annualised sales growth of >100% 

- A high–performing management team with demonstrable empathy for the market that they are looking to win


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We have momentum with a track record of successful investments, having evaluated 300+ potential investees in 2016 alone.


Our team is committed to building the next generation of consumer brands, by providing advertising and marketing solutions that rapidly acquire new customers to deliver growth and scale.

Michael Lamont

Fund Manager

Christopher Gale

Investment Manager



Scaleup Mediafund is Australia's first dedicated media-for-equity fund. The fund is owned and backed by Australia's most powerful media brands including News Corp Australia, Nova Entertainment, Network Ten and Fox Sports Australia.

Scaleup Mediafund offers premium above-the-line media in exchange for a minority equity position in digital businesses.

Our extensive shareholder-owned network provides us with unique scale and the best flexible options across premium digital, radio, print and TV inventory. This scale and flexibility provides the best possible opportunity to scale growth-stage businesses customers, brand and marketing function.